"Propolis is the first Miracle Cure,
dating back to 350 B.C., made by
honey bees to sterilize their hive.
Apply a little Propolis to your dry
lips and they will be cured in no
Dr. Oz
Famous Television Physician
"We offer Miracle Lips as a
non-prescription alternative
treatment to our patients who
suffer from cold sores and
cracked lips."
Dr. Asher Milgrom
President and Ceo
American Medical Aesthetics Corp

































What is Miracle Lips?
Miracle Lips is a 2-in-1 medicinal lip salve that may be used daily to enhance lip health; to heal and prevent cold sores, and to treat chapped lips. Miracle Lips is made in a shea butter base infused with a high concentration of Brazilian bee propolis and Australian Melaleuca tea tree oil. Miracle Lips penetrates at a deep cellular level giving long term benefits, unlike wax based lip products that sit on your lips for momentary results.

Why Miracle Lips is Great For Cold Sores, Chapped, Cracked, and Dry Lip Problems?
Doctor recommended
One of the only cold sore salves formulated for daily use
Antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory
Costs less & works better than Abreva
Medicinal and immune boosting formula
Immobilizes infection and accelerates healing
Penetrates at a deep cellular level
All natural & organic ingredients
Contains over 25 butters, vitamins, peptides and enzymes
No artificial flavors or fragrance
Shea butter base with organic aloe vera
Healing antioxidants and bioflavonoids
Sooths and rejuvenates the lips
Gives a cool refreshing tingle
Creates younger healthier looking lips

How is Miracle Lips Different From all Other Lip Care Products on the Market Today?
Miracle Lips is unique. It is in a category by itself. All other lip products on the market today are primarily wax based.Miracle Lips is made with a shea butter base and high concentrations of Brazilian Bee Propolis and Australian Melaleuca tea tree oil giving Miracle Lips its superior performance. Many lip products and cold sore treatments will claim that they penetrate at a cellular level. If a product is made in a wax base it does not penetrate at any level. Miracle lips can be applied just about anywhere on your body. It is not only good for cold sores and other chronic lip problems it is also good for bug bites and minor cuts and scrapes. It has even been shown to dramatically soothe ingrown hair irritations.